Posted by: Leah | June 18, 2008

Me in the midst of Halachic discussions

I tend to avoid any Halachic discussions as much as I can. First of all, I lack Jewish education, and thus all the discussions tend to be spread in time and space!!!! As I would go home with some idea and start bothering all the people around with it until I get a reply that explains the story to me, and then some weeks later I meet the person I was having that discussion with and say: OH! And by the way ūüôā

But a couple of days ago, I had a discussion I could not possibly miss with a guy I have very fond feelings to. Not because he is unbearably cute (he is not!!!!), but because he is a baal-teshuva, and I just love these guys because I almost became one at some point of my life, but something stopped me. I must confess I find it a bit difficult to communicate with baal-teshuvas, because OMG these people take life SERIOUSLY with all capital letters!!!!

But back to this guy. He was sitting, and it looked like something was really bothering him, and finally he decided to share his concerns. He said, “Shabbat is soon!”¬†in a¬†very sad tone! I did not understand this sorrow in his eyes, because everyone knows I am terrifically excited about Shabbat.

And then he continued: ‘Shabbat is hard! I have to be in shul the whole day! It is so tiring! I can’t play music, can’t do anything, and especially in summer!” True, he did not¬†seem very happy about all this at all.

And that is what i said: if you sit fidgeting and counting minutes, if you hate shul and everything around, if you can’t wait until it is all finished, sorry, guy, the mitzvah is not done. Delete, delete, delete! What happened with Oneg Shabbat? Accidentally got cancelled?¬† I believe we should be honest with ourselves. It is better to admit that nay, I am not ready¬†for Shabbat observance now, and then go and talk to a rabbi or study, or think what you could improve and then do it right than force yourself and get a very strange Shabbat version.

Sure, ideally everyone should observe Shabbat, but in this case it makes more sense to step back in order to step forward later than go and suffer for the rest of your life.

What do you think I got in response?

Silence!!!! (which means I won this one!)


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