Posted by: Leah | July 30, 2011

I am Back to WordPress

Hi and welcome,

Or I would rather say – welcome back! As you can see from this blog – I had started blogging on WordPress, then moved to Livejournal and then you see I am back.

Thanks to WordPress for not deleting my blog! Livjournal has been experiencing lots of technical difficulties lately, and I am a moody writer. It takes me days to get inspiration, and when it is there and I try to log in to Livejournal, well it is down! All my thoughts, ramblings and great ideas get lost then…

After days of thinking on it, I decided yes, yes, I need something stable and predictable. Here I am, back again.

Hopefully, you my readers, will follow me here and I will add more on my way.





  1. Yaay welcome! Can’t wait to keep reading the rest of your posts.

    • Thanks! I am so super excited!!!

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