Posted by: Leah | August 2, 2011

On School and Motivation

I am in the CGA (Certified General Accountants) program, which means I get to learn all these exciting things that are good for me and my career, but depending on how bad the course is I have either little or no life.

I guess this feeling is very familiar to many students – some days are ok, but some days you realize you can’t do this anymore. The course I am taking now is particularly bad. See what time I am posting this? Yeah, your sleep patterns go off, and the stress level goes up, and it looks to me now I have to put a hold on many activities I enjoy for the month of August.

So, how does one keep him/herself motivated? There are are many articles and books on that, and I realize we are all different on that. Two things help me:

1. Dividing my workload into daily tasks I have to complete (that many readings or problems). And keeping that realistic.

2. Having a role model or somebody who has been through the same and made it out in one piece.

The latter is very important. I underestimated the value of looking up to somebody before, but last week I went to my family doctor. Yeah, family doctor. As my famly doctor had to go through getting licensed in Canada (he attended medical school out of Canada), he kind’a gets it when you say – eeeek, I can’t do this anymore. He gets it, and he does not go all cheesey saying – oh, you will do fine. It is very uncertain with this course whether or not I will do fine. He just says: Oh, I have been there but keep pressing on. After all, this will be one of the most wonderful things you will accomplish in your life. It ain’t easy, but it is very very important.

I guess you understand the value of words when you hear something at the moment you most need it, and having somebody on your life path who is able to do it for you is my best motivation.


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