Posted by: Leah | August 5, 2011

Adapting to Change

2003 Pacific typhoon season

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Just a couple of days ago I was on my way home, and it was oh so chilly, and I thought that the summer had already started to slip away…

As I am about to enter the fall season, there are a lot of changes happening with me and people around. Change is always tricky. On one hand, it is a chance to do more. On the other hand, it is a lot of uncertainty multiplied by hard work. Human nature does not really appreciate uncertainty.

What I have noticed is that people who resist to changes happening in your life are not the ones who have your best interests in mind. If I could get a quarter every time I heard addressed to me or somebody else – oh come one, why would you need it; oh it is ok if you don’t do; think about your family – I would have  already been very rich! I think that when we hear that change is about to happen, the first thought is – if it is going to affect ME? If it does, it is likely that thet second thought doesn’t even happen.

Change is inevitable, and I agree it is not always for good. Sometimes it is for bad. In that case I have a suggestion – we can’t change what already happened, but what we can change is how we react to that and what we do after. Besides, sometimes people have to move on with their lives, and in that case I wish them well. I really do. Things are rarely forever, but the lessons we got from people are.


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