Posted by: Leah | August 9, 2011

London Riots

Earlier in the year Vancouver, now London. The same ol’ story.

Most of us have average nothing special lives. We will not invent anything extraordinary; our days are often uneventful; we dream about a two-week vacation somewhere warm.  Yawn.

However, the economy and society are able to work because the majority of us are not geniuses. Geniuses and full-time employment don’t really match. We go to work, push the economy and spend our savings.

Being average is ok. It does not mean however that our lives have no meanings; we don’t have dreams and hopes, and most importantly interests, however funny they might be. If something desribes riots and looting, this is the word purposeless. These are the people, who have no interests in life other than drinking, no hobbies, no anything. Often poverty and umemployment are a part of the reason, but not the whole reason for that. These are the people who tend to gather in groups, get angry because they did not get laid last night or because somebody has better stuff in their homes.

I don’t really know what can be done to prevent riots (better community work, perhaps?), but what I do know is that people who have a purpose in life, however small it might be don’t do that.

London, UK, how sad, really…


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