Posted by: Leah | August 12, 2011

To Wean Or Not To Wean?

I must confess – I LOVE being in my 30s. Life is so beautiful and does not hurt at all anymore. 20s are all about uncertainty, finding your voice and looking up to authorities. When you enter your 30s, you stop caring. You also tend to know what situations in your life trigger pain, so you tend to avoid them or make them less painful. This is not escaping life. This is living you life to the fullest knowing your limitations.

In case you don’t know that, I am a hospice volunteer. It helps me a lot in my life actually. My story today is about the term I learned when I was doing my hospice training and realized I had been practicing it for a while.

When there is a certain relationship between a volunteer and a family h/she supports, which is applicable to community volunteers, we often talk about weaning a relationship meaning you don’t stop visiting a family after say a death of a person you were assigned to occurs. You visit a couple of times to wean from this assignment and to get a closure. It is very healthy.

Now, you are going to tell me that weaning is an extremely strong and powerful word, and used mostly in connection with breastfeeding. That is true.

I also think weaning as a process is extremly effective. In a day-to-day life too. Say, you find yourself in the situation you don’t really like. Ouch! It hurts too. If you go ahead and remove yourself from the situation, you can go into withdrawal, and I am all about harm reduction, I am gonna tell ya. But if you depreive youself of something slowly. Three hours today, two hours toworrow, one hour at the end of the week, ten minutes here, five minutes there, it does not hurt that much! It also gives you a chance to look around and realize there are other beautiful things in the worls you might want to explore.

Weaning is also less painful for the other side of your story – the time while in weaning gives you botha chance to accustomed. So, whenever there is a strong attachment that brings discomfort in life. I would say don’t kill it, wean it.


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