Posted by: Leah | August 14, 2011

Why on Earth I Keep Kosher?

You are a hypocrite, my exboyfriend once said to me. You aren’t very religious anymore. Why on Earth do you keep kosher?

That question, a couple years ago had me thinking. Really, why on Earth do I keep kosher?

I have heard many answers from many different people: because this is something they learned from parents, because this is in the Torah, because this is what makes them Jewish, because this is how they feel connected to generations of Jews, because this makes every meal holy. These are all great reasons, but neither works for me. I don’t feel any connection to other generations because I eat no pork 🙂

Yes, let’s face it – I am not religious in the raditional sense of the word, neither was I kosher growing up. I also dance – which means I have no problems wearing provocative clothing and making provocative moves and steps any time of a day and night. This is really not how you picture a religious Jewish woman or a woman who keeps kosher. So why?

I love my life  – I truly do, but sometimes I ache for more stability and predictibility in it. It gets too crazy at times. Sticking to something that has thousands years of history grounds and balances me. Even if I lack balance on a certain day, food and its rules balance me. I keep kosher because it makes sense and gives me control if when I have none anywhere else.



  1. I read this post a while ago, but it came to mind and resonated on a whole new level for me recently. I am aspiring to have a more vegan-esque diet primarily for health reasons, and the more I get into it, the more control I feel I have over my life. My circumstances I can’t change, but I control what I put inside my body, and sometimes having that concrete reassurance gives a kind of consistency nothing else can!

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