Posted by: Leah | August 20, 2011

A Jewish Girl Who Really Loves Germany

I saw a funny dream last night, where I was unable to speak my first language Russian, and instead spoke German. This all brings lots of memories to me.

Every so often I get grief from fellow Jews, for being in love with Germany. They say: Leah, don’t you remember the past? How can you? How can you ever feel at ease in this country?  Ido  remember the past, but I do not see Germany as the country of the past. Unlike Eastern European countries, Germans did lots of homework and continue doing it. I see Germany as a strong country that was able to learn from the past and go forward. Honestly, every single time I meet a German person even here, in Canada I hear an apology – I am so sorry, we as a nation are so sorry. Every time I reply – ohmygoodness you really don’t have to. I think it is a burden to carry your nation’s mistakes whereever you go.

Once upon the time I wanted to be a Holocaust educator (at that time I visited Germany A LOT), but when my plans fell through, I could not bring myself to speaking German, reading German fiction or thinking of going to Germany. Now, I have realized I am so happy my plans fell through as I am happy and in peace where I am now professionally. But this year I started to feel something again, here and there, something drawing me back to the German language and culture.

So, this fall, maybe I should take German, maybe maybe…And now I really do feel like going to Germany. I think it will be nice. Almost like going back to some place you spent a lot of time as a child.


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