Posted by: Leah | August 20, 2011

Why Volunteering is Good for You

Sometimes people comment on my volunteering activities asking why I need it, whether I am not busy enough already and that I might want to have time to myself. All good points.

However, in general I think that volunteering has many benefits that are overlooked. Of course, provided you do what you like and not just forcing yourself to do something to get experience or what have you.

1. You get a kick out of it. Literally. I find that whenever I finish my hospice shift or new volunteer info sessions, I get very positive emotions. In other words, you get high without any substances involved. Isn’t that extremely cool? Now, I recognize that sometimes there are situations that might drain, especially in my line of volunteer work. However, still mostly, I leave feeling good in general and good about myself.

2. You meet people. Lots of people, and you never know – these people might become your friends for the rest of your life.

3. You get to try different things and see if you like them and they are possible for you as a career choice – pretty much no major risk involved. This is how I found out I really really dislike fundraising. No harm for my career or my nervous system made.

4. Helping others helps you – to learn from different experiences and acquire new skills. Often volunteering comes with training, and this training is for free. 

5. Finally, helping others is just a great way to spend several hours of your life, don’t you think?


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