Posted by: Leah | August 26, 2011

Things We Miss

I admit sometimes I do not notice things. For example, I clearly remember how I was saying to my friend: oh no, this guy is just a friend; there is nothing there, and a couple of months after I found myself married to  that guy. How did that happen? Yes, I miss all important signs sometimes even when they scream at me.

Or I was studying at Toronto Reference Library yesterday and came to realize there is a whole floor there on Languages. Now, I have absolutely no excuse not to learn French or not to brush up German with all these materials available.

We are so much in a rush – extra two minutes waiting for the subway = panic, extra 30 seconds in a line and we are upset, we don’t look around, taking one route we always do and don’t ever try to explore – not enough time!

It makes me wonder sometimes how many things we pass, don’t notice, don’t pay attention to and how many beautiful things don’t ever get unwrapped just because we have no time or don’t try to pay attention.



  1. One thing I notice is that is when I learn a new word or phrase. The word jumps out at me EVERYWHERE and I feel completely silly, asking myself “How could I have not known this before? Was I blind?” I suppose the human mind can only process so much information!

    But it’s also me, I think. I notice much, much less than other people do, and I become more aware of this especially when I am out with a friend or a family member and they point out things I would never have paid attention to if I were on my own.

    • Yes, sometimes I also don’t notice things that are very obvious, which makes me wonder a lot 🙂 But I guess you are right in a way our brain has to filter all the information we get.

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