Posted by: Leah | August 30, 2011

Elul, Reflections and School

Ha, I just reread this post title and it looks like I have rhymed very different things together 🙂 such is life.

Tonight the month of Elul starts, which is the last month of a Jewish claendar before we hit High Holy Days. This is a month normally used for reflections on your spiritual year, what went well, what could be improved, this is also a month to make amends with those you were not nice to. As I practice the Sephardic  tradition of Judaism, this is also a month when we say Selichot for the whole month of Elul, starting with the second day of Elul. S’lichot are special penitential prayers in preparation for High Holy Days.

Well, my dear friends, this year I don’t even know where to start, what to reflect on and what resolutions to make for Elul. My spiritual year, other than my hospice experiences was uneventful. Blah. So, it will be silly to aim high for Elul. I will not be ambitious. Otherwise, I will aim to reflect on one important aspect in my life (connected with spirituality) starting tomorrow night, and we will see where it will lead me.

I also have two books of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Readings, so I will aim to read them during Elul. I will report on my progress 🙂

In other news, I am scheduled to speak in my synagogue during High Holy Days. All I need is to select a topic and write a speech. Ha! Easy 🙂

And today is my exam today. I have barricaded inside the library for this week, so feeling a bit too talkative due to the lack of real communication. I am a bit too social for these kind’a things. So, forgive me dear friends if I start posting a lot here. You know the reasons.

And wish me lots of luck tonight.


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