Posted by: Leah | September 4, 2011

Elul Day 2-4. Bringing Colours into Your World

I believe our world is neutral – neither good or bad, neither positive or negative. It is blah, nothing until we come in. We decide what colour we bring in.

One of the biggest struggles I used to have is not to paint it dark all the time. The thing that really changed it for me at some point of time is a magazine article that said that every thing that happens should be viewed as an opportunity to go one step further. I know that sounds really cheesey. But when you think about it – whatever happens, happens, in some cases we have no control of that, but we do control of what we do after.

The same is with our emotional reactions to things – the same situation – say even something bad like a breakup or a major move can be viewed differently – as an opportunity or as a major setback where we get all nostalgic about what we had in the past.

We really can choose the colours for our world, and I suggest we paint it bright!


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