Posted by: Leah | September 5, 2011

Organizing Your Life

Sometimes I am asked how manage to squeeze many activities in one week. There is no huge secret – I plan a lot.

So in this post I would like to share some ideas that help me:

1. Food. I aim to have 1/3 protein, 1/3 veggies amd 1/3 carbs in my lunches plus a salad.  I bring my lunches in 98%  of my work days. Carbs are easy. My carbs come from brown rice. Protein is mostly fish. Veggies are tricky – I have to plan and cook some veggies. Sometimes I cut veggies for a salad a day before – yeah I know I might be losing some vitamins, but really it is either I am losing some or not having any at all.

I also can’t imagine my life without a food processor – yes, yes, cutting all these veggies and a microwave – I can quickly warm up my supper before I grab sweets or bread 🙂

I do grocery shopping once a week and I carefully think about my protein and veggies targets.

2. Working out. I plan my workouts a week ahead. Thus I know when I need to take my sport shoes and sports wear with me and I also I can see whether I am hitting my weekly being active target.

3. Study. Yes, yes, I plan it too. Depending on a course I estimate how many hours a week I need to spend on the material and spread them evenly throughout a week. I know myself well now so I don’t plan anything for early mornings. Not a morning person. Period. My morning goal is only to get myself out of bed and leave for work on time.

4. Keeping in touch. When you are so busy, maintaining relationships with friends might seem like a lot of work. It sometimes does take time, but it is totally worth it. Just recently I read an article in Good Housekeeping by the authour of The Happiness Project Gretchen Rubin. She suggest some very wise things and I realized that I have been doing them for a while:

1. Join groups. Groups allow you meet more people at the same time, network and keep in touch without too much effort. I have been a member of Toastmasters and find this organisation not only an excellent way to improve as a speaker and a leader, but also to meet people.

2. Set a friends target. Yeah I know this sounds funny. But if you decide – I would like to connect with that many people, you will actually make more effort to go out there and meet people.

3. Do not expect that you friendships will be the same as they were when you were 20. They won’t. Our lives change and we do not need to spend hours daily catching up. However, we still have a need to have relationships outside of our families.

4. Often friendships are not meant for life. If so, let them go. If I see something does not work, I let it go, sometimes friendships redefine themselves, sometimes not, but I don’t believe all people in my life should stay there forever.

5. Finally, kepp in touch! Send emails, text mesages, links. Iphones and Blackberries are excellent tools to save you some time while on the public transit or in a waiting room, send messages and keep in touch. Only by keeping in touch I can maintain friendships.


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