Posted by: Leah | September 18, 2011

On Feminism

I don’t know why but some people think feminists are women who genuinely hate men, never let them hold a door for them or carry a heavy suitcase. I always find it amazing how a woman can be against feminism. Feminism is not about doing everything by yourself and getting babies in vitro. Feminism is ultimately about women having choice and being able to have a career, to vote and to get the same salary as men.

If a woman decides to be stay at home mom, a religious woman or to have an abortion – that is all fine with me as long as it is HER choice and not the family or a husband’s who decide what she should wear, where she should study and how she should think.

There are still certain careers that are largely white boys clubs – because of connections, schools they went to and golf clubs they meet at. Women still don’t get the same salaries as men holding the same jobs. Certain communities still put a LOT of pressure on girls – she should get married, have kids, care about the family, also earn money and be kind, nice and obedient and of course observe traditions and behave the way community expects her. In many cases, it is so subtle, you don’t even see you are manipulated – you can hear – we have more experience, we care about you.  I know, been there done that. I think a woman has a right to make her own mistakes. And in many cases all she will get is a lousy husband who will boss her around not giving her any choice at all.

Feminism is about making sure women do not live the life like that because ultimately the sky is the limit for any woman, and if she chooses not to pursue it – that is fine too but it should be her call, not somebody else’s.


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