Posted by: Leah | October 1, 2011

Finding Motivation

I work out three-four times a week. I hate working out.

Have you done logic exercises in school? My two sentences above are a perfect example of being illogical but still… It is true except for doing zumba, I hate working out. But I love results – I love seeing strength and defined muscles, more energy and weight loss. It does not matter how wonderful instructors or trainers are. In general, I am not a huge fan of working out. 🙂

 So I have developed the only solution to my problem of finding motivation. It applies to anything actually not only working out – if I need to be somewhere, I just get going and deliver my butt whereever it needs to be. No excuses 🙂 Because if I give in and listen to myself for a minute, I will hear that what I really want to do is to sleep. Trust me, if left alone I can really sleep for days.

I plan my days of course, and plan my fitness goals and exercising for a week ahead, that helps. If it is in my daily planner, this is it – I have to be there! Finding motivation is not that difficult, I just get up and do it 🙂 without listening to my whining inner voice (Leah, five more minutes of sleeping, pleaaaaase!)


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