Posted by: Leah | October 2, 2011

False Positive… Friends!

Imagine you are in some distress – you doubt your success or you have fears; you have a friend and would like to share your concerns with the friend. As soon as you start, the friend shoots right back – oh don’t you worry. You will do great! I really dislike having a conversation with one of those false positive friends. You feel as though they don’t care.

I think there is a fine line between being encouraging and dismissing concerns. I don’t think being overcheerful and overpositive helps. No, really. If somebody has concerns, this person has all good reasons for that. If we go ahead and say – oh don’t think about bad, you will do great, keep positive, you will be fine – we just dismiss how a person feels because we perhaps don’t want to hear negative thoughts or just don’t have time to do intense discussions.

Now, I try to ask – why? to probe how somebody feels and it helps to decide what to say, and also I do the same whenever I am in doubts. Sometimes even a conversation with yourself can do more than hearing a cheerleader’s mantra all over.


  1. thanks, ill check back sometime, have bookmarked you for now.

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