Posted by: Leah | October 6, 2011

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Steve Jobs

Image by acaben via Flickr

I am a perfectionist. I don’t expect to do everything perfectly but there are things that I know I can do well, and I expect this from myself. I also expect perfectionism from people services I obtain. They don’t have to be always at 100%. Nobody is ever, really, but they should strive. If they don’t, I leave. There is nothing more disgusting in life than to see a person, who thinks has achieved it all and thus it is ok to deliver substandard quality.

That is why Steve Jobs has always been very close to my heart. Not only did he possess exceptional business skills, but he was also a perfectionist and a simply an inspirational person. He was for real, and spoke for real and lived for real. Apple Products are a representation of himself – sleek, smart and sexy. Brains are sexy; the boredom of  routine and I have seen it all is not.

The Stanford speech is the best example of Steve Jobs’ ideas – it is simply the wisdom to live by – don’t settle, don’t waste your time and stay hungry, stay foolish. Really, for me whenever I feel like chilling out and thinhking well, it is ok to let go once or it’s ok to take that – I don’t have anything better, I think wait, wait, Leah, don’t settle. Steve Jobs also showed the best example to a younger generation – it is great to do what you like, do it well, and it does pay well, and it does not hurt to have some fun in life too.

There are people who just somehow are able to do it. They live their lives – however, simple or maybe not, but they show how to do it right with their own example, and when they die they leave us with huge holes in our hearts.

Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs. May your memory be inspiration for us all.



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