Posted by: Leah | October 29, 2011

The Happiness Project Update

Well, well my friends we are getting close to the deadline here. I should be starting my own happiness project in November, and I have been pretty good analyzing my life and how I feel. I have figured out – being late, disorganized or lacking friendly conversations makes me unhappy.

Being organized, on time and having friendlyconversations makes me happy. 🙂 Also keeping a positive attitude makes wonders on me.

The thing I have not figured out is what to do when others make me unhappy LOL Like you know somebody who starts to judge out of nothing, making generalisations that don’t apply to me – things like that. I get that a LOT because of my background and that often I am not the one I might appear on the surface 🙂

Well, yes, I know I judge too, I try to reduce this or not jump to conclusions too soon, but it does not always happen. I guess the main difference is that I often don’t say that outloud. I can think something sometimes, but I will be too afraid to say and possibly offend. What to do with people who say what they think and sometimes are not right about that – I have not figured out. I personally snap in this kind’a situation. And I would like to snap less and accept more.

This is my main challenge – snap less, accept more and judge less. Easier said than done.

I have not decided yet what will be my starting month goal. I still have a couple of days to think, but as I am getting close, I am more and more EXCITED.


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