Posted by: Leah | October 30, 2011

Interesting Weekend and The Happines Project Month 1

I will hospice no more.

Yep, you heard that right. Blame that on the happiness project or not, probably not as the main issue in my volunteering was commute. Nio matter how good a cause is I can’t spend 3 hours in commute and 4 hours there. I am a CGA candidate, and I am ohsotired. Besides, I have thought about my life and realized that not the work itself attracts me but the feeling good about doing that. As though I am trying to get a ticket to heaven.

So Saturday morning I did a last minute of cancellation because I realized I could not do that anymore, and today I resigned. I also resigned from a couple more things that I dragged along, and you know what? It feels so good. It is Sunday night, and I feel so emotionally rested and plain great.

I have a couple things I woul like to volunteer for, so I will be submitting my applications there, and will keep you posted on what happens.

I an happy to announce that my first month of the happiness project will be called All Things Bright. After all, it is November – the most difficult month for me emotionally and physically – as I miss warmth, light and the sun.

I will try to concentrate on the following:

– bringing more colour into my life – literally and emotionally

by eating bright veggies and fruit

by seeing people I love

by keeping in touch with people I love

by spending time with my little (not so, but) cat of colour (yes, he is black!!!!)

by taking time to appreciate people and moments that make me warm and fuzzy

And hey wait until you see my Halloween costume tomorrow 🙂 very bright!

I might add a coiple more goals and will report as I go 🙂



  1. Nice Post. You do a good job. I appreciate it.

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