Posted by: Leah | November 12, 2011

Happiness Update: Weep and Be Happy

Cover of "The Lovely Bones"


The happiness project has taken a strange turn this week, when I started to read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I read and wept, wept and read, over and over again. The books is so beautiful but extremely raw, showing real emotions it just took over me, I could not stop reading aqnd weeping. In a very strange way, it did make me happy – being able to experience this book and sort’a feel a part of the Salmons family. It felt as though I was shown something very personal, very private.

I still have not finished this book, but as I was told and this is so true it does get better, so the weeping part of my week is hopefully over.

In other news, I slowly started to declutter and find getting rid of the books, even those I have not opened in years extremely difficult but as I look at emptier and neater looking bookshelves they do make me happy.

I have felt a strange need for the colour, more and more colour this week – even though we have been blessed with the sunshine, and thinking nothing like nice but colourful makeup can lift a girl’s spirits. I shall try that tomorrow.



  1. Paint your walls! I mean it!!!

    • 🙂 I seriously can neither paint or draw. When these skills were given, I was standing in the line to get some chutzpah (which I got a LOT 🙂 )

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