Posted by: Leah | November 13, 2011

Happiness Update: Sunday Zumba

I am happy to report: my little trick with makeup did work. I am a firm believer of makeup matching your outfit – thus I matched eye shadows with my top, and sometimes I also match a scarf to it. Always makes me so happy. I am not much of a lip stick girl but I do use lip gloss, which does magic suprisingly with my mood ūüôā as it happened today.

And also of course, Sunday Zumba.¬† This month I have been trying to encourage myself to do more of fitness I love as opposed to just going and doing for the sake of working out. This month I make a point to go to the classes with instructors I like, and Sunday Zumba¬†has always been great for that. I think in general a great instructor will push you and¬†uplift you as opposed¬†to¬†pushing you all the way through and then leaving you all drained. So all in all, a great Sunday so far…Now if only I did not have to study tonight (wink!)


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