Posted by: Leah | November 18, 2011

Happiness Update: Food and Dark November

I can totally see why people start putting on extra pounds in winter. Say, November – 5 pm and it is already dark. It is often gloomy, and chilly and just plain miserable. Well, chocolate of course can lift your spirits, and then more and more chocolates!

My challenge this month is try to bring more colour but not extra calories into my life 🙂 sometimes it is a tough call.

I have  developed a strategy though how to deal with this:

First, when I have food cravings I try to negotiate with my body and offer a fruit or salad or maybe yoghurt. Something healthy.

If this fails, I often have my chocolate of the day early to see if that works. some time ago I decided that if I have one chocolate candy a day I won’t crave it that much. It actually works. I try to have it sometime after lunch, but if I crave some food I may have it early in the day!

If this does not work, I wait a little bit and if I still want something,  I go ahead and have chips or fries I crave. I tend to want to eat salty food 🙂 But…. if that is fries, I buy small fries. If potato chips I buy the smallest bag. If there are only medium sized bags I buy it but then I throw in the garbage all those extra chips I don’t need to be eating. Portion control in action 🙂 After that I try to be more active in the day – say if I plan a gym trip I do some extra planks or something ike that :)!

I have been trying this strategy, and it works for me. Often I just stop at Part 1 – eating something healthy, especially if this something healthy has some nice colour 🙂


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