Posted by: Leah | November 24, 2011

Happiness Update: One More Week to Go

Hello everybody!

I just wanted to quickly check in in the middle of the week. I have looked at the calendar and realized that I have one more week to go, and then it will be the end of my first happiness project month. As you know the goal is to bring more colours into my life directly – by using colourful bright things and indirectly – by increasing positive emotions.

Last night I was in the situation when I realized that we often make assumptions about other people or don’t allow them to help us because we assume it will be inconvenient for them, and helping others even in tiny things for sure brings lots of positive emotions. I even think that allowing people to help you and feeling being cared for brings as many emotions as doing this ourselves.

Example: I was just entering my building and went to pick up the mail from the mailbox, and the superintendant was just going out. She suggested she would hold the door for me, but as I was sorting out the mail and thought well I still had to finish it maybe one more minute (!!!!!), so I said oh no, no, don’t worry about it. Moreover, I started to feel guilty about making her wait for me even though she suggested it herself and was not in a rush. Funny, how in our society we consider a one minute delay a HUGE delay.

And then I thought that we often don’t even allow people to help us because we assume it is not convenient for them, or will delay them in their plans. But honestly, I think life is a circle of support and help – I help somebody, that person helps somebody else and then when I need it it comes back to me.

So my resolution is next time it happens – I will let somebody hold a door  for me without feeling guilty and just say: thank you. So kind of you!

Have a good rest of the week! I will check in over the weekend or so.



  1. Its all about self doubt that we decide for ourselves that it is that what we make out of it, but in reality its not always the case, but mostly what we think will always is , better we put the ball across in others court to see what it is all about, and take it as it is , that’s how is goes….. to evaluate each time and incident and experience one goes insane … and that’s the way it is……

    • that is very very true!

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