Posted by: Leah | November 26, 2011

Weekend Time!

Hi everybody:

Happy weekend! Shabbat Shalom!

This weekend is a bit of a challenge to my happiness status. Not only do I have to study for an exam all weekend long, but also I have an ultrasound appointment, which is never fun.

Still, I wanted to check in and report my progress. Yesterday I fit in a solid workout in the evening. First, zumba and then abs and weights training, which made me feel VERY accomplished.

I also want to show you something very silly, but it def brings alot of colours in my life. When I adopted my cat Basil in May this year, I registered a separate account for him at Postcrossing.

Postcrossing is a wonderful web site that allows people to exchange postcards with people around the world. It works this way: you register for an account and request addresses, you get addresses of random people with some info on what cards they prefer. The addresses have a special ID that you need to indicate on cards you send. When these people get your card, they register this ID, and then you will receive a card from a random user. Fun!

I have been a member of postcrossing for over two years, but decided to register my cat too. I mean why not? 🙂 I have indicated that my cat prefers cards with cats to connect with felines around the world 🙂

Since then I have gotten a number of very nice cards, and I put them on the wall right where my computer is, so I can see them when I do something on the computer. This sure improves my mood 🙂 Here are these cards:

Cat CardsCat Cards

The end of this month is November 30th, and I have an exam this day so I am not sure I will be able to report that day, but will report on the first month progress at the end of the next week, but I think I will post something before then.
I have selected the goal for my second month of the happiness project: Thinking Big, Enjoying Small Things. As much as I try, I still think that sometimes I am just not able to stop and enjoy something small because I always have a big picture in mind. So, I will work on that in December.
Enjoy your day!

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