Posted by: Leah | November 27, 2011

Black White Cats

This weekend has been a challenge: after a crappy ultrasound appointment I was feeling down and not happiness projectlike. Rather opposite. I think though that if somebody does feel upset, it is ok and should not be supressed – so I went ahead and felt rather miserable.

On Sunday though I decided I need a little pick-me-up and went for bodyflow at my gym and after that I just went south on Yonge Street along all the stores.

…I came to realize that I love used book stores. The staff there are normally superfriendly, and books have history. I tend not to buy books because I think most bestsellers don’t feel like a book with some history. They feel neutral. I prefer library books or used store books, because it feels like you hold the whole history in your hands as you try to guess how many people read this book before.

As I was browsing books today I came across a book called Black White Cats – a photography album. As I opened it I read two short messages:

” Dearest Nicole, found your two loves in one book. We wish you nothing but the best of luck with school. Hope this book can help as inspiration for future projects and assignments. Love, Viki.”

” Nic: Hope this provides some inspiration for your photography career, Best of luck & future success. Love, Paul”.

It made me a bit sad that this book ended up in a store, as though something very dear was lost. It is inevitable sometimes but still sad nevertheless.

I bought the book. Only $2. The other reason I love used books stores 🙂

Now I have serious cuteness overdose.


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