Posted by: Leah | December 3, 2011


So I decided to be more curious about the world, and I decided to start with zumba. I have been doing zumba for over three years, and its popularity at first was a bit confusing for me, but now I get it!

Zumba is a latin inspired dance workout, and if it is done right, you don’t really feel you do hard work, though classes can get quite intense. When I think why it is SO popular, it is all clear to me. Yes, we have a choice and can work out on our own, or with an instructor or join an aerobics club. But zumba really just allows you to let loose and forget everything and just go with your body.

I think we are so appropriate and so serious most of the time that any chance of letting loose without doing drugs or alcohol is really so welcome.

So the history of zumba. It was created one day mid-90s by a fitness instructor Alberto (Beto) Perez from Columbia when he forgot a CD with aerobics music, so he improvised with CDs that he had – latin music – merengue, salsa, bachata. Nobody was counting steps, and everybody had a grrrreat time.

In 2001 Beto brought this workout to Miami, Florida and met two Colombians – Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion. They became inspired with this style and its business potential. They started Zumba Fitness – workout party. They first started with DVDs, then ads and then demans for zumba instructors and classes appeared, and the company really took off in 2005. Now they also have Zumba Wear. Zumba Fitness is very popular now all around the world.

I used  for my research about zumba.

And if you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend – go for it and you will have an amazing time!




  1. Still never done this….I must!

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