Posted by: Leah | December 17, 2011

Happiness Update: Month Two

Wow, this month has been a tough one for a happiness project. I have been so busy at work that I did not have much time to ask myself whether I was happy. My challenge when I am so busy is that at a certain point you just stop feeling or experiencing any emotions at all, and become a robot: get up, coffee, get ready, work, eat, work, gym, home. No emotions whatsoever. As though I try to save as much energy as possible.

I implemented two things however that made me a tiny bit happier. First of all, I organized my postcards collection. I used to have it in folders, but now I moved it to a box. When I moved them, I had a chance to look at the cards, and I really enjoyed it. Now, when I have it in the box it is easier for me to access the cards whenever I want.

Secondly, my tea. I love drinking tea in the evening, but I found that I had too much tea and can never find tea I want. I bought a small box and put different tea bags in it, when I run low on them, I just add more, so whenever I feel like cuppatea I just open that box and select tea I want. Easy!

So, this is my month two progress for now. Hope you are having a great December so far!


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