Posted by: Leah | December 25, 2011

Women’s Issues

A week ago Tania Rosenblitt refused to follow presribed segregation of men and women on Israeli buses that go into an Ultra-Orthodox area:

This week signs suggesting segragated sidewalks for men and women were removed in Beit Shemesh, in one of ultraorthodox neighbourhoods, and that created lots of problems and tensions:

Let me get it straight here: I am against any type of segregation of men and women and forced dresscode on women. If a woman chooses to be modest – it is one thing, if a woman is forced by the community, family or what have you, it  is another thing. I also don’t subsribe to the idea that women can induce sinful thoughts. I think this is an issue only in the case when a man was brought up in a very strict segregated environment, and in that case anything will induce sinful thoughts.

I will tell you even more:I used to dress very conservatively, and then I decided what the heck I will start wearing tank tops to the gym. The first time I did it, I expected guys to faint at the sight of my open shoulders. Nobody did. Then I thought – ok, I will wear shorts and see how it goes. Nope, no fainting whatsoever. This had me thinking that perhaps this idea of guys getting overexcited was a bit overexaggerated, and I can easily do yoga next to a guy without him fainting or raping me on the spot.

However, with all this being said I don’t think that big words, extreme emotions and hatred are going to fix the situation. Yes, segregation in a demoscratic state of Israel is not right. Hate is even worse. Provoking people is horrible. It makes me very sad.

I don’ t know anybody who solved problems with hate, accusations and protests. I think we, Jews, should do it with love not with conflicts.

Working with communities, their leaders and educating people will go a long way. Fighting will land us in more trouble. Make love, not wars 🙂

Shalom from Leah


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