Posted by: Leah | December 28, 2011

Blog and Happiness Musings

Happiness ain’t easy, especially in winter. Just to get things straight I hate winter. No. I HATE winter, just like that lady in the radio ad: I hate winter, I hate snow, and I hate snowman. No, matter how I tried, there are days I just cannot handle winter.

I stepped outside today and said to myself: ouch! This windchill, and icy roads are definitely not going to make my day. So I spent a good part of my day hating the weather, snow, ice and humanity, in particular those who have houses and don’t salt their sidewalks. There I said it. You don’t have to volunteer or save penguins, but please make a point of shoveling, salting or whatever you have to do with your sidewalks, just do it.

There is no happy end. I did not meet a nice stranger who made my day. I did though spend some quality time with my toastmasters friends, which improved things. I think though that if you repeteadly look for good and happy things, they will start finding you. I will keep trying.

On this note, I realized I find blogging extremely rewarding and mood boosting. I often find that if I procrastinate and leave it all for the weekend, then I end up posting two or three posts a day, which is not great. So, there I go. I resolve to blog daily, and I will do themes depending on what day of the week it is.

I will have:

Israel or Jewish Mondays

Current events Tuesdays

Fitness Wednesdays

Recipe Thursdays

Free Fridays (anything goes!!!)

Happiness Saturdays

Bright Sundays

Of course, there will be days I will do something else, but I think giving it a bit of structure won’t hurt!

Happy end of Decemner to you all and Hanukkah is over.








It does not mean though, that we will have less light in our lives. It just means we will have to wait for the whle year to get a good excuse to eat fried foods 🙂


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