Posted by: Leah | December 29, 2011

Healthy Snacks

I was honestly going to cook today, but then I ate out both over lunch and dinner today. It rarely happends this way, but I am on holidays and out and about a lot. So now, I am at home and full, and in no mood for cooking.

Recently I have started one good thing though that I want to share with you: I make a point to plan my snacks. I realized that I tend to overeat a lot (chocolates and chips) when I don’t have my snacks planned. I make a point now to plan snacks that have a lot of protein – for example edamame or peanut butter with crackers and a couple of strawberries, or even musli bars. Musli bars are very tricky though. If you read nutrition they are not much better than a cookie nutritionwise. I try to choose the ones that have more protein in them, for example almond or peanut butter coated.

I find that if I have solid snacks throughout a day I am less likely to go and buy some extra chocolates. I also find that I definitely need to eat about 1.5 hours before my workout, especially if I do weights, something light – like a fruit works just great. If I don’t I am not as energetic and don’t accomplish that much.

Hope you all had a great Thursday and look forward to even better Friday ahead!


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