Posted by: Leah | December 31, 2011

Happiness Update

Month 2 of my Happiness Project has not been as successful as Month 1. This is because I was much busier and did not have enough time to enjoy small things.

I have implemented though small changes that I think made me more balanced and positive:

1. I changed my workout schedule and do now three weeks six days a week and one week four days a week.

2. I changed my days so that I have less to do in the morning and I am less stressed this way.

3. I try to finish things as they come and procrastinate less.

4. I continued to declutter.

I have also appreciated the last week of December, when I was off work and had time to meet with my favourite people, connect and recharge.

My next month, January will be about Spirituality. It was once very strong in my life, but recently I have realized that my focus has switched. I will try to bring more meaning into my life my reading books, searching for meaningful quotes and inspirational people and moments. Stay tuned.

I also would like to wish you happy 2012 secular year! Be kind to yourself, to your body, mind and soul. Don’t settle, ask questions and look for answers, be relentless in the search of better you, and remember that the process is as important as results.

B’shalom and lots of love.


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