Posted by: Leah | January 1, 2012

Book Review: The Secret Letters of the Monk Who sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

I will be honest: I was disappointed when I started reading this book. I thought: well, not another book when a main character has to go far away to find himself.

The plot of the book is extremely predictable. I could see right at the beginning where the author was going with this plot. However, the plot is not the main thing here. Yep, you heard that right. The main character, Jonathan learns important lessons while travelling, and though they are nothing new, it is very good to be reminded that:

1. You should live your authentic life. The life that is good for you, and make decisions trying to avoid pressures of the society.

2. You should not be afraid of your fears. Do what you are afraid of and overcome them. Living in your comfort zone is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

3. You should practice kindness. Be kind to people around you, to yourself, live with dignity and practice being humane every second of your life.

4. You should make daily progress. Action is always better that intention. Take one day at a time, but do something! Don’t just dream.

5. You should do your best work. Be proud of what you do and do you best there.

6. You should choose your friends well. Stick with people who uplift you and make you better.

7.  You should embrace simple pleasures. Money is not everything. Being poor prevents you from enjoying life, but as you get more money, life does not get better because of the amount of $$$$. Small things such as cherished time with family, friends, doing activities you love are very important.

8.  All you need is LOVE. The meaning of life is to LOVE. Love is an action, not a concept.

9. You should make your life matter and think of something bigger, serve people around you.

Very simple, eh? But when you see all these ideas together, they start making sense; they bring more light and colour into your life, and you think about making positive changes to your life. Overall, a great book. Solid four stars out of five.



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