Posted by: Leah | January 14, 2012

January Blahs

I have to admit my dear friends that I have a serious case of January blahs. I used to get November blahs before, but this year, probably because we have been having a rather warm snowless winter in Toronto I did not get any November blahs. But January, January it hit me real hard.

I have energy to go to work and ok there, and deliver myself to the gym but after that I have no energy whatsoever for anything else. Thanks G-d and all engineers fro smart phones, because I answer most of my emails when I am on the way to the gym or home, otherwise my email inbox would be rather full as I am completely uninspired to engage in any activity at home. Except for sleeping. I always sleep very enthusiastically.

So, I APOLOGIZE for not updating. It’s  been a constant struggle all last and this week, got somehow a bit better by the end of this week, so I think there is still a bit of hope.

I wonder what the best way to fight the blahs. If you have any ideas please do share! 🙂


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