Posted by: Leah | January 15, 2012

Power of Attitude

I always admire people who stay positive and bring their energy and enthusiasm everywhere they go. I watch them carefully, willing to take in any lessons – who do they do it? What is their secret? Do they take a special vitamin pill every day? Do they make themselves smile even though they might not want to? How is that possible that they uplift people with their presence and the way they do their work?

I must admit I am not perfect. I sometimes snap at people. I hate myself after and feel extremely guilty, but sometimes too tempted in the moment to do that anyways.

What has started to help me recently is the idea that our words and acts go very far. Sometimes farther than we expect. I don’t smile at somebody or behave unfriendly and totally forget about it the day after, but somebody might still remember it six months after. It is scary, isn’t it? Sometimes I do feel that the whole act of living is a whole more responsibility than my Mom has ever warned me about. And I should tell you that my Mom has done a real good job in warning me about stuff.

I think now that the attitude carries me throughout a day. I can’t often change my circumstances, but I can change how I look at them, how I approach my life challenges and how I communicate. I used to be more reckless in communication and would adhere to my principles. Now, I try not to hurt. I think about how others would think and what they would feel. Principles are great, but if they hurt others, maybe not so much. I choose role models, and follow their attitude. After all, even if I don’t achieve their perfection but still will brighten somebody’s day on my way – my mission has been achieved.

Happy Sunday night and have a great Monday!


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