Posted by: Leah | January 17, 2012

Crap White Jews Say to Jews of Colour

I have come across this article about what disturbing things white Jews say to  Jews of colour:

As sad as it sounds, it is all true. For some reason, many people instanteneously assume conversion when they see a person of colour in a synagogue. Most congregations in Toronto are predominantly white and Ashkenazi. This leads to many awkward situations and interesting questions. People stare. People make assumptions. Some people are racist. Not only that, some people get disturbed by accents. I was once asked whether there was hydro and water where I am from. I was very amused by this question: you must be joking, right? First of all, I am from here; secondly, I was born in Moscow, not around the North Pole. Of course, there is hydro.

There is no easy solution to this problem. I think the more congregations get to meet people of different colours and traditions, the more accepting they become.


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