Posted by: Leah | February 14, 2012

So Sweet, So Deep, So Real, Oh weeee That’s Some Powerful Stuff

I am such a happy girl. I am high on chocolate, Grammys, Amy Winehouse, and Melanie Fiona. I am even happy for Adele, who is not really my girl. Besides Rolling in the Deep always reminds me of tough abs tracks I have to do at the gym. I don’t know why but Les Mills really LOVES creating abs tracks using Adele’s song πŸ™‚
But, but, but! The fact that Melanie Fiona, who lives in the same city with me (Toronto) took two Grammys this past weekend makes me ohsohappy, and even dare I say proud πŸ™‚ She got them for my fave song too, so it’s double pleasure and excitement all around.
I’m not big on love (rolling the eyes) songs, but this song is perfect.
Cee lo Green & Melanie Fiona
Fool for You


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