Posted by: Leah | February 26, 2012

Lessons I Have Learned From a Nun and a Funny Lady

When life gets too busy, I function ok, but I stop feeling. My emotions cease, and I just eat, work, study and sleep. Sometimes I skip the eating part. When I am in that state of mind, it really helps to meet somebody, who will shake me out of it. I bounced back this time thanks to a nun and a funny lady.

The nun who I met recently was truly amazing. That day I was slowly moving grumping my way through my day. When she entered the room, I felt something was different. The whole energy changed completely. She seemed completely happy and at peace. I realized at that moment that the right state of mind makes wonders with how we feel and look.

I meet the funny lady on the bus every so often. She seems a bit different, but not unstable. She makes a point to go to everyone waiting for the bus and on the bus and say to him/her: G-d loves you. G-d bless you. This seems a bit weird, but then I find that at times this is the right thing to hear and to keep in mind, that no matter what G-d is love.

Thanks to both of them for a timely reminder that life is not only eat, work, study and sleep, but something else, something bigger, better, lighter, full of beautiful people and miracles.



  1. “When life gets too busy, I function ok, but I stop feeling. My emotions cease, and I just eat, work, study and sleep.” – interesting. It’s quite opposite to me.
    These days I have really busy life with my work and German courses. But few days ago I realized that my mind takes the most of every free moment I have. Unexpectedly I started to get positive emotions from things that never came to me before. Like warm water in the tap, warm blanket, being outdoors no matter what weather it is and so on. Unconsciously I try to catch the smallest things that can bring a bit of joy in my life.

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