Posted by: Leah | March 24, 2012

Tiger Moms, Dads and Other Members of Tiger Families

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother is a book by Amy Chua. I think most of us have heard about that book by now. Tough parenting, academic results, math, piano and successful kids. I won’t go into discussion of “Chinese” or “Non-Chinese” way of raising up kids, but I am going to say this:
this kind of tough parenting in fact exists in many countries. In Eastern Europe, where I was brought up, the main goal of parents is to improve a child. Thus, a child gets constantly criticized and reminded of being not good enough. Think of it, how much of constant improvement one can take at the age of say seven?
I am not saying that motivating and yes sometimes pushing kids in certain areas of life is totally bad. No, and we all need a gentle (and sometimes not so gentle push). The problem with all these tiger parents is that by constantly showing their power and authority, they deny their kids a basic right: home where kids are loved unconditionally.
After all, we all have days when we arrive home exhausted, unhappy and plain miserable. The best thing one can hear that day is – you had a tough day? Take your time and chill.
Unfortunately, tiger parents never chill. This is their major problem.



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