Posted by: Leah | April 1, 2012

Power of Positive

I must admit I have shifted over the last three years from being cynical and have-experienced-it-all to being constantly excited and eager to experience life the way it is. The change feels damn good. It helped me go through ups, downs and major health scares with the absolute determination and belief that even though I can’t change my todays but sure I can take care of my tomorrows.

To me, being positive does not mean idiotically happy (you know what I mean? – these fake happinesses on the surface with profound grief or frustration deep down). I define being positive as being able to embrace daily challenges and disappointments and not doubting my abilities even for a second. If I don’t believe in myself, who is going to?

I am not perfect – I sometimes bitch, say mean things to people (which I regret after), get tired and cry, but these all are one moment things. In the long run, I believe in keeping your head high, lips in a smile, friends around you and a bottle of wine in a fridge 🙂 – in case, friends will drop by of course, and all this will take us to all good places in life.

One of my inspirations is a blog of Kelle Hampton.

Every Sunday I go and learn, learn and learn from her. I don’t know how Kelle does it, but the way she does it is oh so beautiful.

Happy Sunday.



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