Posted by: Leah | May 13, 2012

Filler Words

I am an incoming Area Governor with my District at Toastmasters. I am really excited about this opportunity, and it prompted me to reassess the skills and knowledge I have received from Toastmasters.

My overall experience has been extremely positive. I realize I may never be a world champion in public speaking, but I have become a much stronger communicator. I feel I am able to communicate my message more clearly and confidently. Not only that. I have realized that sometimes how I say something is more important than what I say. A classic example of this are filler words. I find I am not better than anyone else – any given day I produce dozens of sos, likes, you know what I means, and you knows. They really pollute my message though. More to that, I have recently interviewed a couple of people and one of the reasons I chose one candidate was because she spoke beautiful English with no filler words at all.

Controlling how you say it is not easy, but it also gives us an advantage in our jobs, school work and any social activities we are involved in. I would like to challenge you to pay attention to how you say it and notice a difference.


And You Say...

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