Posted by: Leah | June 30, 2012

On Growing Old and Cynical

There is a saying: Don’t complain about getting old, it is a privilege many are denied.

I have noticed though that as we grow older and presumably wiser, we lose this excitement over life. We try to be practical, not to give in feelings and plan our life accordingly. 

I don’t think that life in all its beauty can be planned from its A to Z. There are many things that can’t be. What if you meet someone you love, are you going to say – wait for me until I graduate in seven years, find a well paid job and buy a house? Hope not.

What if you find your passion? Are you going to wait until you retire to follow it?

What if one day you realize that there is a place close to your hear where you want to live?

Of course, we, adults, have responsibilities, ethics and things to take care of. However, being able to be excited about what life has for us, and to take risks and do things just because – these we should not lose.

Life is not about being able to measure and control every step of our way, it is about enjoying the way whenever possible or knowing that the way will lead us somewhere beautiful and where we are meant to be.

Happy Canada Day ya all.


  1. beautiful! thanks for this post!

    • Thank you Anni! Great to see you on my blog.

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