Posted by: Leah | July 29, 2012

Spontaneous Happiness

Funny, how almost a year after I came across The Happiness Project book and embarked on my own, I stumble upon the book Spontaneous Happiness. Actually, I have not even seen the book yet, but my massage therapist mentioned it to me yesterday, and I thought – why not.

I placed a hold on the book at the library Toronto Public Library, bless your heart!) and now patiently waiting for the book to arrive. The title of the book somehow amazes me – Spontaneous Happiness, as though happiness can be preplanned… We can wake up with an intention to be positive and resilient to stress, laugh at our disappointments and failures, believe that a glass is always half full, but I don’t think we can plan to be happy.

Happiness in all its beauty arrives announced and sometimes leaves fast.

On Friday night, I was waiting for the bus on my way home from the zumba class, and I thought to myself: myohmy, it is almost AUGUST. How can I make sure that every single day of the summer that we still have to savour does not rush past me, but stays somewhere else, somewhere other than my daily planner – 12 pm RMT appointment, 6 pm dinner at Green Papaya.  How can I make sure that I don’t whine unnecessarily and make time for my friends, that I don’t snap at people because I am tired, in pain or just not in the right mood today? Then, at that very moment I looked at all the beauty of the sunset, clouds and warm air, and once again realized how blessed I am to have this summer, and to live in the very best country in the world.

Can such moments be preplanned and prearranged?

Happiness is meant to be spontaneous.

On that note, one spontaneous thing I discovered last week was the website called Coursera:

There you can take different courses (for real, with lectures and assignments) absolutely for free. I already signed up for some. It is amazing how anticipation of learning something new can make you happy.

Happy Sunday y’all.

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