Posted by: Leah | August 9, 2012

An Epidemic of Depression – Do Not Think So

Depression (emotion )

Depression (emotion ) (Photo credit: Andreas-photography)

I guess I am blessed that I have had family doctors who were not so diligent in diagnosing “depression” department. Otherwise, I would have been diagnosed a long long time ago.

At any given visit, when asked how my moods are and if I feel down or depressed for a prolong time, I always report – NO! If you know me, you will understand why – I am more of a cheerleader who gets excited about things 100 times a day.

However, if we look at the definition and symptoms of depression:

– poor appetite or overeating – yes, I am an extremely picky eater, and there can be weeks when I won’t feel like eating anything

– Insomnia or excessive sleep – yes, I often feel so tired that I either can’t sleep or constantly sleepy – hey, I work and at school too!

– Low energy or fatigue – yep especially in the morning (see above)

– Low self-esteem – well this – rarely

– poor concentration or difficulty making decisions – yep

– feelings of hopelessness – yeah, especially before my CGA exams

Yes, I understand that these symptoms are pretty generic, and I would have to be unable to function day to day to be diagnosed with depression. However, what I am trying to say that any of us experiences these symptoms every single day, and if a doctor is diligent in promoting anti-depressants, a doctor can get any of us on them whether we need them or not.

It is often said that people in poorer countries do not get depressed. I think they do very much so. What I think is likely to be happening in poorer countries is that people have there Things That Do Not Matter list.

I used to be upset because somebody did not like me, or that I did not live up to my family expectations, that I was not able to travel some year, or take proper vacation, buy a house, visit spas regularly, accomplish all things on my to do lists etc etc etc All of these frustrations would add to my emotional well-being.

Now, having gone through a rough divorce and a major health scare – all these things above Do Not Matter.

I think people in poorer countries have experienced more adversity and major situations where they reevaluated what is important, and really being healthy and alive is more important than anything else.

I do not believe that we are more depressed than a hundred years ago. We may be thinking about it a tad too much. In fact, spending time thinking whether I am depressed or not in the long run also Does Not Matter.


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