Posted by: Leah | August 14, 2012

On Reading and Stretching

When I was a child, I HAD to read for 30 minutes every day. My grandma or mom would bring an alarm clock and point at it and then say: Thirty minutes and then you can go and play. I hated reading with all my heart and could not make peace with having to do it every single bloody day! Yes, I now can see the benefits of that being able to read very fast and having an extremely sharp memory, but back then HATE.

Now, I have to stretch every single bloody day because of my recently acquired sciatica,  and because this is just very very good for me. Every day I have to do it, I think about me as a child with an alarm clock slowly ticking at me. I tell myself – Ok ten minutes and then I can do anything. I try to do it at the gym, because good luck Leah doing it at home with a million obviously important and MORE urgent things to do. More useful than stupid stretching  too 🙂

Every day I am reminded how important it is to be good to myself and do things that I may not be enjoying doing. I should admit that couple months into daily stretching my favourite moment is still when I am finished, and I make faces thinking that I still have to stretch any given day, but still – do it once, do it ten times, and maybe when you do it a thousand times you start to love it.

“Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever you are feeling, love yourself for feeling it.”
Thaddeus Golas

Happy rainy Tuesday! Perfect weather for stretching.

English: The face of a black windup alarm clock

English: The face of a black windup alarm clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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