Posted by: Leah | August 25, 2012

Summer Awesomeness

Why do we tend to like summers? We all have memories of childhood summers with long days filled with doing nothing, playing with friends, summer heat, BBQ at night and general awesomeness of being on summer holidays with no assignments to finish and school to go to.

Summer life was approximately like this:









Or like this:









Now, when I am an adult summers tend to fly by too quickly. I am not even sure whether this is a perception of time or inability to recreate these long lazy summer days. I feel I am more connected with the world by smartphones and more disconnected from summer awesomeness.

Yet, I do try, and if I remember to look the way up up up, the sky still looks:









And most importantly, I remember that life and especially summer life is so much better in flip flops!









Happy summer weekend to you all!


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