Posted by: Leah | October 28, 2012

On Embracing Your Fears

I find that my life is like a tangle of web, the same conversations get thrown at me several times during a week, probably to reinforce, or probably because I have things to learn and note.

These past couple of weeks were conversations about fear. Halloween time, right?

As a teenager, I was pretty fearless, and now I would not repeat most of the things I did then. As I grew older, but not necessarily wiser, I still have pretty much retained the ability not to fear. And if I have a fear, I react to it differently. I always hear about that paralyzing kind of fear when you are not even able to take a concept in. The most common example is death. When a child raises up a topic the first time in the life, the most common approach is to reassure – everything is going to be ok.

Even as adults, if somebody even palliative talk about it to us, we tend to say: oh, don’t talk about it, why are you thinking about things like that? Think positively. However, this does not allow us to come to terms with our fears. When we discount what others and we feel like that, it stays inside us and there is no way out.

When I hear that somebody is not afraid of anything – I don’t believe in that. We all have things we are afraid of:

– fear of changes

– fear of unknown

– fear of death

– fear of helplessness

– fear of being forgotten

– fear of losing power

– fear of gaining too much power.

The question is what we do what all these fears? Do we bottle them in? Do we let them out?

For me, I ask myself two questions: why and what can I do? I also distinguish theoretical fears and practical fears. Yes, I am sometimes afraid to be walking alone at night in a not great area – just because this is common sense. I don’t try to deal with that fear. I try to eliminate the situations that bring this kind of fear.

But the fear of unknown, I embrace it. It does not mean I change everything in my life in one day, but some fears are given to us so we can make positive changes. Instead of trying to resist to something, I give in and go with a flow, let it go and see what happens. Being able to recognize my fear is half of the problem gone. After all, a brave person is not somebody who is not afraid of anything, a brave person is somebody who acts despite fears s/he has.



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