Posted by: Leah | November 18, 2012

Israel Under Fire

I have been trying to avoid by all means posting here and was hoping to reserve my opinions to Twitter, but realized I can’t possibly do that.

It is often said, that us, Jews of diaspora are passive and not interested in Judaism. There are various reasons, or if you may excuses for that: membership dues we have to pay and uninspiring clergy are a part of that. Yet  I have yet to see a Jew, who when confronted with a negative opinion on Israel won’t go ballistic. I have yet to see a Jew, who won’t express support for our brothers and sisters in Israel, especially now.

Many, especially on social media tend to present the recent Israel vs. Gaza conflict as a conflict of horrible Jews on innocent Muslims in Gaza. This is not true, and I don’t think  this should affect Jews vs Muslims at all. My opinions of Islam are unchanged. However, my heart aches and I have lost sleep thinking about Israel and my people having to spend hours in bomb shelters. Any army targeting civilian objects is wrong, any army hiding behind their population is wrong, and any government not building enough bomb shelters knowing anything may happen is wrong.

I think we should learn to distinguish between well-meaning people from both sides, and ill-informed or brain-washed people from both sides. We mourn all losses, but yet there is civilian population that should not learn to live with frequent rocket launches and air raids.

I hope and pray for peace and compromises from both sides. I also pray that our boys and girls from IDF return home alive and soon.

And whoever is in doubt, please watch this video. It explains a lot:


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