Posted by: Leah | January 5, 2013

On Volunteering and Inspirations

I had this conversation with my inspirational friend Sarah, who you can find at

We were talking about volunteer work, its challenges and blessings, and the way I feel about it now. If you know me in real life, you know I used to be a hospice volunteer. Let me tell you this: up to this very moment, I miss this kind of work dearly. I am seriously thinking of going back because there are two types of people: people who can’t work in palliative care, and people who can. I belong to the second category. I always like to say that if I ever enrolled in that nursing program, I would become a palliative care nurse. Not because I have no heart, but because my heart can take this type of work.

This being said, one of the reasons of me stopping my volunteer engagement was the fact that I felt I was trying to take a shortcut to the Heaven. Once people heard what type of volunteer work I did, I saw that my ratings in their eyes were sky-rocketing. I did not feel I was entitled to this recognition.

I also feel now that there is a special type of people who do not need to do any social projects or volunteering. They live the way that inspires you by just watching them walk, talk, smile and do work they love. By only observing, you feel like something wonderful has just happened, and you also want to be the same. You want to be better, kinder, and more inspirational.

My resolution for the upcoming year is to try and become a little better and a little closer to being inspirational myself if only half step closer, and while I am working on it, I may go back to hospice work.



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