Posted by: Leah | January 11, 2013

Leah, the Joy Killer :)

I am such a joy killer sometimes. Whenever I become skeptical about people’s abilities though I always remember the story of Hannah.

I met with her at Dachau, during the youth international camp where Jews and non-Jews from Europe and Israel spent two weeks learning about Holocaust. So, Hannah was a bit heavy set girl, but she was a lead dancer in her Israeli group of students.

When I saw her dancing the first time, I thought well, this is nice, but she is too heavy though, why could not they ask some other girl to be a lead dancer? Well, fast forward several years, I have heard from Hannah last year. She dances for one of the modern dance shows in Israel, goes on tours around the world, lost some pounds and very happy with life, thank you very much for asking. Obviously her dance teacher saw something my eyes were not able to see.

What makes me wonder these days now is where the line is between not seeing and not having, between hard work can help you out and don’t waste your time on that, between being encouraging and giving false hopes and between believing in somebody and giving out empty promises. And you know what? I have no answer to that. What I know for sure is that having somebody to believe in you is important, and even more so having somebody who is very honest to you.

Quoted from

“don’t give me false hope.

I am perfectly fine with accepting the reality of the word “impossible.” Impossible means impossible. Unattainable, preposterous, futile, useless, pointless, no-chance-in-hell, black hole, when-pigs-fly, might-as-well-be-dead. It’s dead. I can bury it, mourn it, step over it and move away from it.

But if you give me the faint hope that it’s possible – well I won’t give it up.

And if I find out you were lying to me for the sense of some emotional stability or false encouragement or fake niceness, then I will hold you responsible for murdering that piece of me.

The truth isn’t offensive, it’s a foundation on which someone can stand. Or sit, or kneel or lie down. The point, though, is that it is firm and will steady my thoughts. But if you let me build my ideas and thoughts and energy around false hope, I’ll sure as hell come after you when my house starts to crack.”


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