Posted by: Leah | March 17, 2013

The Concept of Busy-ness

My boss once asked me not to use the word “busy” when referring to him because busy has a negative connotation. When you are too busy to do something, you are not planning carefully, slacking off, or simply just do not care. As opposed to using the word “busy”, I was suggested to use the expression “booked solid”.

This brings an excellent point, and so relevant to my life now. I am well, sometimes feel I am hellish busy, and often find I do not plan my time well enough to do activities I enjoy. Instead, I fall behind seeing my friends, communicating with my family, emails, cleaning and educational goals. Sometimes I feel like sitting at home and staring at the wall.

Yes, you may say – overworked and tired. That may be a part of it, but not the whole thing. I have come to realize that I often hide behind saying I am busy, or I am exhausted and instead of taking extra time to plan my day to make sure I balance work and school with some love, I go with the flow and end up being frustrated and even more tired.

That many times I said to myself – I will start posting my Instagram moments here, but have done that only once.

Tired no more is my resolution for this spring. I would like to make effort and time to do things I love. After all, if I make time every single bloody day to work out, I can make time for other things.

And here are some of my insta-moments. Happy Sunday.

My all time favourite grumpy cat in Starbucks 🙂 and the view from the library.

grumpy Library









Wine I bought this Friday. Love it. It has such a distinct coffee taste,

and a new frozen yogurt place I have recently discovered in Toronto – called Yogurt Spoon. The flavours there are incredible.

Wine yogurt spoon



  1. It’s news to me that the word “busy” has a negative connotation. To me it simply means that you are engaged in a task. I don’t think it would matter how or whether you plan your time or not. But that’s me.

    I like your photos. What is the name of the wine that has a coffee taste? It sounds really interesting!

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. I see your point about being busy, but I also sometimes find that I use the fact that I am busy as an excuse. The wine is called Cafe Culture. It is from South Africa.
      Thanks for photos love!

      • Oh yeah, I see your point and there’s no doubt about it. People do use “I’m busy” all the time as an excuse.

        Thank you for the name of the wine. I was just talking about it today and said that I hoped you would post the name!

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